Tube Transition

Tube Transition Details

Model No.
Size With Leeson Motor With Multifan Motor
12" TTF-12L TTF-12M
14" TTF-14L TTF-14M
16" TTF-16L TTF-16M
20" TTF-20L TTF-20M

Tube Transition

To accommodate recirculation fan for 14" round duct. Fan Mounts perpendicular to tube, blows in both directions. Available in four sizes 12", 14", 16" and 20". Comes with fan and guard pre-mounted.

Round Tube Ducting

A sturdy answer where continuous recirculation is preferred, but existing pipes or wires make placement of built-on duct a problem. Round shape is self cleaning. Sections come in 14" diameter x 6 feet long and are flared for easy joining. Sections come un-drilled allowing for custom air flow designs.

  • Model No. RD-014