Fan Covers

Fan Cover

A new design allows the shutter to stay in place when the winter cover is installed, sealing the fan opening in cold weather to prevent against cold drafts. The construction consists of a PVC frame with 1" Styrofoam insulation. The plastic covering also allows easy washing and provides a clean appearance. The winter cover also comes with clips for mounting and storage.

Available for 12" to 60" fan sizes

Model No.
Fan Size Fan Cover Fan Cover with Flaps
12" FC-12 FCL-12
14" FC-14 FCL-13
16" FC-16 FCL-16
18" FC-18 FCL-18
20" FC-20 FCL-20
24" FC-24 FCL-24
25" FC-25 FCL-25
28" FC-28 FCL-28
36" FC-36 n/a
48" FC-48 n/a
50" FC-50 n/a
60" FC-60 n/a

Fan Cover with Flaps

Available for 12" to 28" fan sizes