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Multifan Motor Details

Size Gravity Damper Power Damper RSO CFM
16" CFM-16G CFM-16M 20" Rnd 3,265
18" CFM-18G CFM-18M 22" Rnd 4,236
20" CFM-20G CFM-20M 24" Rnd 5,293
22" CFM-22G CFM-22M 26" Rnd 7,462
25" CFM-25G CFM-25M 29" Rnd 8,678

Ziehl Fan Details

Size Gravity Damper Power Damper RSO CFM
16" CFZ-16G CFZ-16M 20" Rnd 3,265
18" CFZ-18G CFZ-18M 22" Rnd 4,236
20" CFZ-20G CFZ-20M 24" Rnd 5,293
22" CFZ-22G CFZ-22M 26" Rnd 7.462
25" CFZ-25G CFZ-25M 29" Rnd 8,678

Better Air Chimney Ventilation

Chimney ventilation, used in Europe for a number of years, is becoming fairly common in North America. It is especially useful where holes in concrete or block walls are problematic or when barns in close proximity need to avoid exhausting into each other. With this in mind, Better Air has designed a complete chimney ventilation package including chimney fans, dampers, round exhaust tubes, roof sealers, and top discharge cones. (See previous page). They are available in 5 sizes 16", 18", 20", 22" and 25". Better Air's chimney systems unique features make it the most durable and versatile on the market.

  • Prevents snow and rain from entering at minimum or maximum air flow. Does not effect air flow or create back-drafts. Made of polyethylene, installs easily with eight bolts.
  • One piece rubber roof sealer accommodates all roof slopes and metal profiles. Provides positive seal around tube and on roof at all temperatures.
  • Sturdy polyethylene tubes are available as either double walled or foam filled for extra durability and additional insulation. Tubes have tongue and groove ends for positive joining, All tubes come in 2' sections.
  • Constructed of foam filled plastic, bottom is flared to encourage unrestricted air entry. Comes complete with durable plastic damper which can be operated independently or in conjunction with air inlets. Standard size fits together with our standard exhaust tubes. Fan can be easily removed for servicing. Available with Multi-fan or Ziehl Fan, gravity or power damper.

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